Rose Lake and Falls Day Canoe Trip

Guided Trip- On this one-day guided canoe trip you paddle across West Bearskin and Duncan Lakes, a distance of three miles, to the famous Rose Lake Stairway Portage and falls. High above Rose Lake there is a spectacular view of the lake below and Canada to the North. Many veteran BWCA travelers have described Rose Lake as one of the area's most beautiful lakes.

Your guide will assist you in honing your canoe skills and explain the exciting history and

-->mysteries of Rose Lake the falls and surrounding area. Also included is Barbara's famous trail picnic lunch.

Rates: 2 people $139/persons; 3-4 persons $125/person and 5-8 persons $105/person  plus taxes.

Self Guided Trip-For the more experience canoes we offer a self guided to Rose Lake. Included in the is self guided trip to Rose is Canoe with paddles and PDF, route map, Day BWCA permit, canoe shuttle to West Bearskin Lake canoe landing, and Barbara's famous trail picnic lunch. The Rate for this self Guided trip is $59/person plus taxes. Two person minimum
To reserve you Day Trip or Day Trip with B&;B stay call 800-322-8327 or local call 388-4487.

Gunflint Trail Birding Trips

Bird watchers will find an astonishing variety of birds, both migratory and resident, in the area around Poplar Creek Guesthouse B&B and Cabins and at the feeding stations located around our property. These bird-feeders are maintained year-around. While staying with us you might what to take-in one of the bird tours or even schedule one of Bed, Breakfast, and Birding in the Boreal Packages.
Some birds found around our lodging include Gray Jays (AKA Whiskey Jacks), Spruce Grouse, Evening Grosbeaks, Northern Saw Whet and Boreal Owls, Boreal Chickadees, Thrushes, Vireos and a variety of warblers. For many years, a pair of Broad Winged Hawks have used the Little Ollie Road leading into our place as their own personal hunting reserve. During the warm season, Eagles soar over head and, if you're lucky, you'll see Ospreys diving into a lake for fish from high above. Of course, there is also the Common Loon with it's "lonesome call" found on many of the lakes of the area.
Further up the Gunflint Trail a few miles is the site of the Ham Lake fire of 2007. Venture into the burned over area and you are likely to catch a glimpse of two types of woodpeckers that increase in numbers after forest fires and have been present since the days immediately following the Ham Lake Fire. Look and listen for the Black-backed and Three-toed Woodpecker. They like to feast on the insects that multiply in burned trees.
The Superior National Forest, where the Gunflint Trail and our lodging are located, has been heralded by the American Birding Conservancy as one of 100 "Globally Important Birding Areas". According to the Conservancy, the Superior National Forest, with one hundred and fifty five breeds of birds, has the greatest number of breeding birds of any National Forest in the country. Adjoining our accommodations are the Lima Grade and Lima Mountain roads and their diverse boreal forest habitats of deciduous and conifer trees, lakes, streams and swamps are favorite viewing areas of many birders.
Check out the list of birds seen in the Gunflint Trail area, then make plans to come up and add to your Life List (and if you don't yet have a such a list, this is a perfect place to start one!)

To reserve you Day Trip or Day Trip with B&B stay call 800-322-8327 or local call 388-4487.

Private Birding Day Tour
Self-Guided Birding Day Trips

Tour scheduled at your convenience with an experienced birding guide in your own vehicle. Schedule at your convenience. We advise you where the best birding sites are located. Includes birding backpack containing area maps, binoculars and bird field guide book.

Private Day Tour Rates:
$50 / person. Two person minimum Includes guide and binoculars. 1/2  day

Self-Guided Day Trip Rates:
$10 / person. Includes birding pack.